1. For each week of the NCAA Division 1 College football season that has at least 15 games, 15 games will be selected for that week's play. Only Saturday games will be used.

2. Each game will have a designated Favorite, Underdog, and point spread.

3. Each team in the League will pick 3 of the listed games each week.

4. If a designated Underdog wins its game, every team in the League that selected that team as one of its 3 Underdogs will be awarded League Points equal to the designated point spread.

5. Points will be accumulated over the season to determine order of finish.

6. The entry fee is $11. Payment links will be emailed.

7. Teams will be broken into divisions and the payoffs are per division standings as well as over all league standings. The exact numbers will be determined when we know how many sign up.

8. If you have a group who would like to be in the same division together, submit a list of those teams in order of priority.

9. Games must be picked by 12:00 PM ET on each Saturday.

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